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     This is a "new day!"  A "new start," a "NEW YEAR!"  You'll find words of encouragement to help you this day; guidance and wisdom, revealing God's Way. This is the purpose, and goal, of this ministry.

     The ways of the world are failing all around us.  We see it everyday.  Many things are being shaken to the very core.  Resources, which many people have depended upon (in their own understanding) for so long as being "solid and sure," are now literally falling apart.  But don't despair!  No matter what happens to the world's systems, there is an anchor for our very souls.  If we truly depend upon and trust God's Holy Word, we will never fall or fail.  The "shaking" may affect us somewhat, but it cannot defeat or consume a child of God.  The Bible says that storms of life, trials and tribulations will come.  However, Jesus tells us that if our "house" is built upon the rock (His Word), we will stand no matter what comes our way!  (Matthew 7:24-27)

     Jesus is referred to as the "chief cornerstone" (I Peter 2:6-7).  If we choose to build our lives upon Him and His Word - the "sure foundation" (Isaiah 28:16) - we will not fall or succumb to defeat.

     REJOICE!  Jesus overcame the world and tells us that we can, too (John 16:33).  To those who will believe and receive, He "gives power over all the power of the enemy"  (Luke 10:19)  "Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world" (I John 4:4)  God's Word from beginning to end - Genesis to Revelation - tells us how to be strong and succeed in this life, plus how to live eternally with Him, which will be more glorious than we can even comprehend.  Try to imagine a life, eternally, with no problems, trials, sorrow, pain, sickness, stress, and anything or everything which adversely affects our lives.  We can have it if we adhere to God's Word and His way.  (Apart from this, we are doomed, now and forever.)

     This NEW "Abundant Life Words" website will now be "theme oriented."  Most of what you "click" on the left side will have similar thought patterns.  Since this is a "New Day" and a "New Year," which provides a "New Start" for everyone, I can think of nothing more important than beginning with a theme about "ETERNITY."  We're all headed that way whether we're young or old.  Have you noticed that time is passing like "the blink of an eye?"  The day that our human body dies is the day (or rather the moment) our souls will step into eternity - either in Heaven with God, or in Hell without Him.  Our destiny is our decision, but it must be made in this life.

     So, again, "WELCOME to Abundant Life Words."  The best way to start the New Year is to focus on things which have eternal value.  Have a great "New Day!"

     If you like what you find on this website, be sure to tell a friendThanks for visiting us.  Please come again.

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     Important:  Please remember to print out a copy of these articles, either to share with others or for your future reference.  Each "theme" will only remain on this website for a certain length of time. (It may not be there later on.)  To correctly print out any page on this website, do the following:

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